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Established in 2019 by Dr. Barry Pitter a member of The Chemical Institute of Canada and the Canadian Medical Association.

Dr. Pitter is a former physician at Atlas Clubs (Mexico) and has over 33 years of experience in athletic performance. He was frequently asked about Jamaica’s secret for achieving monumental feats of speed and endurance throughout his travels.

Today, he is excited to share his first-hand knowledge of the foods and practices that Jamaicans use to triumph in their athletic endeavors.

FORTISMAGNA™ offers a variety of sports and health supplements in Canada, the United States, and Latin America to help you take your game up a notch and achieve athletic success. Browse through the rest of our site to see our complete product catalog.

All FORTISMAGNA™ products are manufactured in the USA in accordance with FDA guidelines. They meet specifications that maximize performance outcomes. Soon, we will also be lowering gear and apparel in our online store.

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In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, one country’s speed dominated the Games. The tropical vibrancy of Jamaican track athletes, with their scintillating performances, undoubtedly left a mark not only on the competing countries but also on the millions who witnessed this event. Author Floyd Graham, in his new book entitled LIGHTNING FAST! JAMAICA’S STARS AT THE BEIJING OLYMPICS, features these superb athletes who captivated the world with their astounding speed.


Floyd Graham was Jamaica's High School long jump champion in 1965. Beyond this, he was the New York Metropolitan collegiate long jump and triple jump champion while attending the City University of New York and was inducted into his college's Athletic Hall of Fame. His proudest moment in athletics was competing against Bob Begmon - the Olympic long jump champion and world record holder. Mr. Graham holds a Bachelor's degree in Architecture and an advanced Master's degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a member of the Jamaica Institute of Architects.

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Harness The Power Of The Jamaican Diet

10 Dishes Every Jamaican Should Know How To Cook

For decades, Jamaican athletes have continuously impressed the world because of their speed, agility, and stamina. Their secret is a lifelong diet that consists of very little meat and a large percentage of fresh fruits, and vegetables. At FORTISMAGNA™, we have formulated revolutionary sports supplements that emulate the endurance- boosting diet so popular in Jamaica

20 Most Popular and Authentic Jamaican Dishes

While genetics, talent, and hard work play signiz cant roles in athletic success, proper nutrition and mental fortitude are equally important. Our products are formulated to enhance an athlete’s nutrition and maximize ew ort in training and competition.

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